Official Rules of Guarte Fashion

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Official Rules of Guarte Fashion

Post by Ashaad Elmore on Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:14 pm


Rules are to help keep the site in order and make the users feel like they can always count on us so if you break any of these rules its not up to the members it is up to us on your punishment and the moment you agreed to our terms you will have to listen to what we say because its Mandatory.

Major Rules

1.Do not advertise any of your personal websites and other social medias! (PMs or not)
2.Do not post any type of pornography!
3.Do not use ignorant slurs at others its not cute nor funny.
4.Do not troll other users its not allowed nor welcomed here.
5.Do not give out personal information WE are not responsible for your actions.
6.Do not disrespect the staff team they are here to keep things safe and civil.
7.Do not make any racial discussions its not allowed.

Minor Rules

Do not backseat moderators let them handle the problems on the board.

Other Helpful Stuff

If you need help with anything regarding the site make sure to look up a Administrator or a Moderator for help they are here to keep everyone up to date the rules will not change and they will not change it as well.

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